Makeup Setting Spray


I live in Florida. It’s hot and humid. We regularly have bad hair days and accept them. In addition to crazy hair, sometimes makeup will melt right off your face, as in you just spent time getting ready only to look like you just woke up a mere 30-60 minutes later. It can happen as quickly as walking in and out of the grocery store. Out of car / quick jaunt into Publix / back to car; bye, makeup.

I used to be a die-hard foundation wearer, no matter what. Since moving to Florida, I now only wear foundation on occasion. Instead I use a combination of different moisturizers and primers and loose powder instead of full foundation to achieve an evened-out, but quick (and more weather-protected) look. Regardless of it’s a fancier foundation occasion or a basic makeup day, I use Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” Makeup Setting Spray. (Note: at my age, it tends to serve more as an “all dayer” spray as I can’t stay up nearly as late as the younger version of me!)

After completing face, eyes, and lips, I hold this about a foot away, aim towards my face, and quickly spray a few times. It truly works wonders. I’m not claiming it’ll keep your makeup in place if you plan to spend the entire day baking in the sun at the beach or at an outdoor festival, but it will surely lend a hand at keeping your face looking made up!

PS – This spray is also available in travel-size, in case you only plan to travel, versus reside, in locations in which your makeup may melt away!

Order Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray here.