DIY Puppy Pearly Whites

Dog Toothpaste
Okay, so let me be honest. The toothpaste is DIY. The actual usage of the paste on our canine children is definitely a two person job! Hopefully your pups will enjoy getting their teeth brushed more than ours do. (Please note: one of our doggies is happy to EAT the toothpaste; he just doesn’t appreciate the rotating toothbrush inside his mouth! I call that a win for this toothpaste recipe!)

Being that we’re huge proponents of using coconut oil and essential oils, we already had everything we needed to make this DIY doggie toothpaste. If you don’t have all of the ingredients in your home, please feel free to follow the links below to purchase. Everything except for the Young Living Essential Oil can also be found at your local grocery store. Like I said, the mixing of the paste was the easy part!

DIY Dog ToothpasteIngredients:

(Please be sure to only use Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil, as it is safe for dogs (and humans!) to ingest.)

Simply mix the above items together and store in a glass jar. Not only is it important to only use peppermint essential oil that is safe for consumption, but you also want to only use a drop or two if you haven’t given your dogs essential oils in the past. Best to err on the safe side.

Before the actual brushing took place, we gave each pup the opportunity to taste the toothpaste sans toothbrush. After that, my husband held each little guy as I played the role of dental hygienist to our unwilling patients. I only used a tiny dollop of the toothpaste DIY Dog Toothpasteconcoction for each brushing, so I expect the recipe above will last quite awhile (though much to these guys’ dismay, brushing is going to become a weekly activity for one and daily for the other!) We used an inexpensive battery-powered toothbrush to make it easier, though your pup may prefer the regular type.

Both boys forgave us shortly thereafter and getting kisses from each of them was much more pleasant than usual!

I’d love to know what your pup thinks of this toothpaste or if you have any other DIY recipes for pups to share!



Puppy Pool Fun

Dog Pool FloatOne of my favorite things about our new house is the fact that we have a saltwater pool inside our lanai. In all the houses I’ve lived in throughout my many moves as a child and adult, I’ve never had my own personal pool. It’s fantastic to be able to hop right in after a long walk, a workout, yard work, or just to relax and float around. So what’s even more fun than being able to jump in any time we want? Letting our dogs enjoy the pool with us! (Okay, letting the one of our two pups who is actually interested in the water, join us.)

Although our Yorkie has the swimming skills and speed of an Olympic gold medalist, we wanted him to be able to hang out in the pool and not feel the need to constantly paddle. The fear was that he might puncture a regular float, which led me to research pool floats designed specifically for dogs. Not only has this well made, tough float held up for the last five months with no sign of wear or tear whatsoever, it’s also pretty much the cutest little pool float I’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking for a dog claw-proof pool float for your small dog, I highly recommend purchasing this Paws Aboard option. I hope your pup loves it as much as our little man!