DIY FAIL: Glittery Acorns

When I decided to get back into blogging, I made a promise to myself to include the good, the bad, and the ugly within my posts. Well folks, I have a DIY FAIL to share with you today. It could have been worse, I suppose, but I’m not thrilled with the time spent for the end result.

We have hundreds of tiny acorns all over our driveway this time of the year. So many that I often think I have a flat tire as I pull into and out of the garage! I was wondering if there was something cute for the fall season I could do with the survivors that had not fallen victim to our cars, so naturally I decided to check out Pinterest. There it was – the perfect idea – glittery acorns! Someone had pinned some super cute, glitter-painted, autumnal-colored acorns and suggested they would look excellent in vases for a fall wedding. I thought they’d make a cute centerpiece, so I clicked, DIY Acornsthinking there would be some step by step instructions on how I could create these adorable little acorns myself. NOPE. It was a dead link to an Etsy shop that stated the item was no longer for sale. After attempting these on my own, I now have some very strong suspicions as to why this Etsy seller stopped producing them (hint: GIANT PAIN!)

So I was on my own in terms of creating these cute little acorns. My first step was to collect as many as I could find that had not been smashed or cracked. I separated the caps from the nuts, as I had decided to leave the caps in their natural, un-glittered form. After seeing a tiny little buggy on one of them, I decided it would be important to ensure my future gorgeous centerpiece wasn’t a home to a critter family, so I baked my acorn haul at 250 degrees for a couple of hours, stirring every 30 mins. A few of them did crack from the heat, so those were tossed aside. Little did I know, baking acorns would be the easiest portion of the project.

After the completion of the baking, it was time to start spray
painting. I selected a nice fall gold and a red color, both Krylon Glitter Blast, as well as a clear coat sealer, as I was originally certain this would be a centerpiece I’d want to last for awhile. Spray paint is easy, right? Sure, as long as what you’re spraying isn’t so light that the force of the spray makes your target move around. Sigh. A step I had not intended to include – gluing the baked acorns to paper so they’d remain in place for painting.

Okay, fine. I got over it, put a tiny drop of hot glue on the top of each acorn, and stuck them on paper in preparation for the spray paint. I figured it would be okay if any paper stuck to them, since I intended to glue the caps back on to each of them anyway. This proved to be accurate, thankfully. I did two coats of each color and then a clear coat. The ones I sprayed evenly and thoroughly looked good. The others, yeah – not great.

Acorn DIYAlright, so my glittery acorns dried quickly thanks to this nice fall weather we’re experiencing and then it was time to start matching tops for hot gluing. I also thought this would be way easy and surprise – it wasn’t. Some of my little acorns look like little kids wearing their dads’ hats and others are clearly too large for their caps. Alas, I continued, after all, it’s just a centerpiece, right? Nobody is going to stare through the glass and evaluate each nut…at least I hope not. After realizing that I had far fewer tops than bottoms, I also decided to start throwing some in without caps. I suppose I could go back out onto the driveway and collect more so there aren’t any cap-less acorns in my centerpiece, but I’m not sure that I’ll botDIY Acornsher. I may not even complete this project and may trade all the glittery materials for their natural versions. TBD.

Alright, so after all of the “matches” had been made, I gave everything a little time to dry. After that, I started carefully placing everything into the bottom of a hurricane vase I purchased for this purpose. (Similar version available here.) Side note: I had not worked with a hot glue gun for several years and had forgotten the messy, spiderweb-ish strings one creates. Unfortunately, some of these “webs” are now inside of my glass. I’ll go back and pick them out later…maybe.

So, here’s my disappointing, semi-final product. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t include an orange color paint, but I feel like my fall acorns look more representative of Christmas. I don’t love that. I had also intended to do a second set to completely fill up the glass and surround the candle, but as I mentioned before, I may ditch them all and just use natural (but baked!) acorns. Or, I may just wait until Christmas and find some cheap bulbs to throw in instead and be done. Suggestions on what to do or how to salvage this project?

DIY Glittery Acorns



DIY Puppy Pearly Whites

Dog Toothpaste
Okay, so let me be honest. The toothpaste is DIY. The actual usage of the paste on our canine children is definitely a two person job! Hopefully your pups will enjoy getting their teeth brushed more than ours do. (Please note: one of our doggies is happy to EAT the toothpaste; he just doesn’t appreciate the rotating toothbrush inside his mouth! I call that a win for this toothpaste recipe!)

Being that we’re huge proponents of using coconut oil and essential oils, we already had everything we needed to make this DIY doggie toothpaste. If you don’t have all of the ingredients in your home, please feel free to follow the links below to purchase. Everything except for the Young Living Essential Oil can also be found at your local grocery store. Like I said, the mixing of the paste was the easy part!

DIY Dog ToothpasteIngredients:

(Please be sure to only use Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil, as it is safe for dogs (and humans!) to ingest.)

Simply mix the above items together and store in a glass jar. Not only is it important to only use peppermint essential oil that is safe for consumption, but you also want to only use a drop or two if you haven’t given your dogs essential oils in the past. Best to err on the safe side.

Before the actual brushing took place, we gave each pup the opportunity to taste the toothpaste sans toothbrush. After that, my husband held each little guy as I played the role of dental hygienist to our unwilling patients. I only used a tiny dollop of the toothpaste DIY Dog Toothpasteconcoction for each brushing, so I expect the recipe above will last quite awhile (though much to these guys’ dismay, brushing is going to become a weekly activity for one and daily for the other!) We used an inexpensive battery-powered toothbrush to make it easier, though your pup may prefer the regular type.

Both boys forgave us shortly thereafter and getting kisses from each of them was much more pleasant than usual!

I’d love to know what your pup thinks of this toothpaste or if you have any other DIY recipes for pups to share!


Easily Create Beachy Bathroom Decor

Beach Decor

I love, love, love the beach. There’s something about my feet in the sand, the movement of the ocean, and the slight smell of salt in the air that brings me to my happy place. While we are lucky to be within 30 minutes of a beach, our full-time residence is in suburbia, so I am forced to bring my happy place into our home via little touches of beach decor here and there.

One way I’ve brought the beach into our home is through these apothecary jars (found at Jo-Ann) filled with beachy contents. I “cheated” a little, as I purchased the sand dollars and the sea glass. The basic white shells and the sand were procured from outside of our family’s beach house. Don’t have access to sand or shells? No problem! You can order those online as well.

Putting them together is easy. Start with sand or sea glass and arrange however you see fit. The best part of keeping these contents in the jars is I will easily be able to change items (or sea glass colors) out or rearrange when I need to switch things up a bit. What else would you include inside of these apothecary jars?

Get your beachy decorative contents here:

Sand Dollars

Sea Glass