My New Skincare Obsession: Real Raw Beauty

Thanks to fellow Instagram-lover and blogger Megan, I learned about the fabulous organic skincare company Real Raw Beauty. As I inch closer to the big 4-0 (thankfully still over a year away, but eeeeek!), I’m regretting not taking better care of my skin in my twenties and early thirties. Sure, I purchased plenty of pricey skincare items, but I was always skeptical about the crazy long list of unknown chemicals they contained. Beyond skincare, I’m also notorious for failing to remove my eye makeup before bed. Yes, some of that is admittedly pure laziness, but I’ve also never really be thrilled with any eye makeup remover solutions or products I’ve tried.

Enter Real Raw Beauty. These fabulous products use 100% unrefined, unfiltered organic oils. They are chemical free, completely organic and don’t contain any preservatives, dyes, or fragrances. They also do not test on animals. So, you can feel truly confident about putting these products on your face.

Real Raw Beauty Radiant Skin Face WashKnowing what a challenge eye makeup removal is for me, my first Real Raw Beauty purchase was the Radiant Skin Face Wash. Yes, you can definitely use this product for removal of all your makeup (apply to dry skin, wipe off with a warm wet cloth and towel dry), but Megan had raved about it specifically for eye makeup removal, so I figured I’d give it a try. Not only does it remove my mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow with ease, it has never given me that “cloudy vision” effect that so many other eye makeup removing solutions have created. Bonus: I’m convinced that its helping my eyelashes grow longer. Aside from the castor oil I use once a week (and have for quite some time), I haven’t done anything else differently, other than use this face wash for removing my eye makeup. So, I’m giving the credit to the oils in the Radiant Skin Face Wash!

In addition to the Radiant Skin Face Wash, A.K.A. my eye makeup remover, I also tried Real Raw Beauty Skin Care Productstravel-sized versions of the Radiant Toner, Radiant Face Exfoliator, and Radiant Mud Mask. All three of these were fantastic and I’ve actually just ordered regular sized versions. This is going to sound like an odd description for a toner, but it’s so pleasant. Seriously though. You know how a lot of toners just reek of alcohol and chemicals and when you catch a whiff of them you almost dread putting them on your face because you can practically feel the burning sensation already?? Yeah, that isn’t the case at all with the Radiant Toner. It smells very nice and when you apply it, you do feel it working, but it doesn’t sting one bit. My skin feels great after I use it and I truly think it reduces my pores, which seem to have increased in size with age.

The Radiant Face Exfoliator is simply awesome. The base is Pink Himalayan salt and it also contains unrefined coconut, jojoba, moringa, almond and carrot seed oils. I consider this to be my favorite facial exfoliating product I’ve ever used. I admit I don’t exfoliate nearly enough, but perhaps that will change now.

What can I say about the Radiant Mud Mask? I loved it the second I applied it to my face. It only contains pure Dead Sea mud – no other ingredients and you know what? It’s amazing! It helps reduce my annoying pores and makes my skin look soft and glowing. It’s an easy mask to apply and remove as well – no major scrubbing necessary, which isn’t the case for many masks I’ve tried throughout the years.

In addition to the Radiant line (which also includes products for your entire body as well), Real Raw Beauty also provides a line for men and products formulated for acne care.

Last, but certainly not least, and something I truly appreciate is how real (no pun intended) and approachable this company is to its consumers. Not only is the customer service phenomenal, but the owner is very active on social media, allowing you to get a peek into her every day life. Both she and her company are just so authentic and genuine, which is something we don’t see enough these days.

So, do you want to hear some really fun news? What can be better than organic products that make your skin look and feel great?! Getting those products at a discounted price, of course! Real Raw Beauty is in the midst of their annual holiday sale! Orders placed from November 30 – December 4, 2016 qualify for a 25% discount. Seriously, 25 percent. That’s huge! Use HOLIDAY for the promo code when you checkout. Can’t wait to hear what you order – let me know!


Makeup Setting Spray


I live in Florida. It’s hot and humid. We regularly have bad hair days and accept them. In addition to crazy hair, sometimes makeup will melt right off your face, as in you just spent time getting ready only to look like you just woke up a mere 30-60 minutes later. It can happen as quickly as walking in and out of the grocery store. Out of car / quick jaunt into Publix / back to car; bye, makeup.

I used to be a die-hard foundation wearer, no matter what. Since moving to Florida, I now only wear foundation on occasion. Instead I use a combination of different moisturizers and primers and loose powder instead of full foundation to achieve an evened-out, but quick (and more weather-protected) look. Regardless of it’s a fancier foundation occasion or a basic makeup day, I use Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” Makeup Setting Spray. (Note: at my age, it tends to serve more as an “all dayer” spray as I can’t stay up nearly as late as the younger version of me!)

After completing face, eyes, and lips, I hold this about a foot away, aim towards my face, and quickly spray a few times. It truly works wonders. I’m not claiming it’ll keep your makeup in place if you plan to spend the entire day baking in the sun at the beach or at an outdoor festival, but it will surely lend a hand at keeping your face looking made up!

PS – This spray is also available in travel-size, in case you only plan to travel, versus reside, in locations in which your makeup may melt away!

Order Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray here.