Pinterest Pumpkins & Seeds

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re newbies in our neighborhood. Our neighbors apparently get very into holidays and they went all out for Halloween (so much so that I’m thinking our Florida street may somehow be covered in snow for Christmas!) People had everything from ghosts in trees to gigantic spiders over garages to tombstones in tPumpkin carving (drilling)heir yard. There were lights and music and everything. So, the least we could do was carve some pumpkins, right?

And by carve I mean drill. Yep, we broke out a power tool to create our pumpkins this year. Next year we’ll be scary (right after I shop the clearance sales this week!) This year we went with cutesy and, frankly, easy. I found the idea to use a drill on Pinterest and my husband and I each created our own “masterpiece”. You start the same way as a regular carving – cut the top off, pull out the yucky stuff and seeds – but then instead of using knives or carving kits, you utilize a drill and different drill bits. Honestly, it was kind of fun and oddly therapeutic!

Here’s our Yorkie with my husband’s drilled creation and my version lit up last night.

So, the seeds – YUM! My husband doesn’t love them, so that means I get to roast them however I please. This year I tried a recipe from where else?  Pinterest! (Do you see a theme here?) Thank you to Kami from for providing my pumpkin seed fix for the year. If you still have seeds you haven’t roasted yet, I’ve paraphrased her recipe below. Enjoy!

Pumpkin seed recipe

First, get all of the pumpkin yuckiness off of the seeds. Use a 1 cup Worcestershire sauce to 1 cup pumpkin seeds ratio and adjust according to the amount of seeds you have available. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Drain.

Pre-heat your over to 400 degrees. Line a cookie sheet or roasting pan with tin foil and then lightly oil with olive oil. roasted pumpkin seedsSpread the boiled seeds and toss them gently to coat them in the oil. Try to keep the seeds in a single layer. Sprinkle with sea salt and then bake for 10-20 minutes until the seeds are golden brown.

This recipe has seriously bold flavor and reminds me a little of homemade Chex Mix (must be the Worcestershire sauce!)


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