Easily Create Beachy Bathroom Decor

Beach Decor

I love, love, love the beach. There’s something about my feet in the sand, the movement of the ocean, and the slight smell of salt in the air that brings me to my happy place. While we are lucky to be within 30 minutes of a beach, our full-time residence is in suburbia, so I am forced to bring my happy place into our home via little touches of beach decor here and there.

One way I’ve brought the beach into our home is through these apothecary jars (found at Jo-Ann) filled with beachy contents. I “cheated” a little, as I purchased the sand dollars and the sea glass. The basic white shells and the sand were procured from outside of our family’s beach house. Don’t have access to sand or shells? No problem! You can order those online as well.

Putting them together is easy. Start with sand or sea glass and arrange however you see fit. The best part of keeping these contents in the jars is I will easily be able to change items (or sea glass colors) out or rearrange when I need to switch things up a bit. What else would you include inside of these apothecary jars?

Get your beachy decorative contents here:

Sand Dollars

Sea Glass




Author: georgiabarbie

Sports fan, dog mom, wife, traveler, UGA grad x2, reformed shopaholic, bargain hunter, marketer, volunteer, MBA, vegetarian, essential oil obsessed, beach-goer, trying to be happy & healthy. Follow my adventures of working through my 100 item bucket list as well as life in general! www.twitter.com/Georgia_Barbie

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