Here Goes-

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. – John Dewey

And so it begins – the very first entry in my brand new blog. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but wasn’t quite sure how to start. I don’t want to write my autobiography as my initial post, but rather assume you’ll get to know who I am, what I’m like, where I came from, and where I’m going throughout the process of this little project.

Circa 2005 or so (yes, blogs actually existed way back then!), a group of girlfriends and I created an anonymous blog whereby we all chose pen names that were variations of one another and we masked ourselves from ever being traced. While my real name obviously isn’t Georgia Barbie, many people recognize this handle as belonging to me and by tying this blog to my Twitter account, I’m definitely not attempting to remain incognito this round.

I know, I know, get to the point. Rather than bore you with the typical “getting to know you” stuff, I figured I’d GO BIG and share with you my recently completed bucket list. The fact that many of you know my true identity means that (a) you can and should hold me accountable for completing this list and (b) if you’re so inclined, should help me mark these items off, if possible.

Putting together the contents was somewhat difficult in that I have many habits I want to form and things I need to get better about doing in general. I did my best to keep these types of items off the list, but a few that were somewhat borderline may have snuck in. Also, this list is by no means comprehensive in that it’s everything I want to accomplish for the rest of my time on Earth. I still plan on continuing all of the volunteer and charity work I’m already involved with, visiting the places and doing the things I always have, and being the person I’ve become over the last 34 years. This was simply a means for getting a wish list down on paper and a fun way to attempt to ensure I accomplish so much more.

So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here is my official bucket list:

1)       Tour Napa Valley

2)       Tour Sonoma Valley

3)       Visit Italy

4)       Visit Greece

5)       Go on a cruise

6)       Attend a Red Sox game @ Fenway

7)       Attend a football game @ Notre Dame [Coming Soon – Sept 2017!]

8)       Start a (new) blog

9)       Parasail

10)   Learn to play the guitar

11)   Buy a house (not another condo, townhouse)

12)   Skydive

13)   Attend a football game @The Big House (preferably Michigan vs. Ohio State)

14)   Go camping overnight (Eek!)

15)   Become a godmother and/or an aunt (I’m gonna need some help here, people! (Hint, Hint.))

16)   Learn how to tie a tie & a bow tie

17)   Learn to cook at least 5 yummy dishes (without any occurrences of food poisoning.)

18)   Go to the Kentucky Derby (NOT in the infield)

19)   Tour Oakland Cemetery

20)   Spend a major holiday with my dad’s side of the family

21)   (Re)learn Spanish

22)   Get in my ideal shape & stay that way.

23)   Take over the selection process for my grandfather’s scholarship

24)   Serve on the board of a non-profit

25)   Knit or crochet a scarf. Wear it. (Hopefully get a compliment or two.)

26)   Start (and more importantly, complete) the “happiness project” 5 year journal

27)   Relearn Cannon in D on the piano

28)   Go on a mission project overseas

29)   Take dance lessons of some sort

30)   Go to a Badger game and “Jump Around”

31)   Read all the books I’ve purchased through the years and never gotten through

32)   Create a scholarship

33)   Tour SweetWater Brewery

34)   Sit court side at an NBA game

35)   Own a spice rack – and use them!

36)   Fire a gun (at a shooting range, of course!)

37)   Make a difference in a child’s life

38)   Learn to (really) play tennis

39)   Have drinks at the Sun Dial

40)   Salsa (or another Latin dance) IN a Latin American country

41)   Attend a college football championship game (obviously prefer UGA to be participating!)

42)   Confidential #1

43)   Confidential #2

44)   Confidential #3

45)   Confidential #4

46)   Visit the Australian Outback

47)   Run (really run) a 10k

48)   Attend a taping of a talk show – Ellen, Late Night, etc

49)   Own my own business(es)

50)   Re-do the pamper pole @ the UGA ropes course – not be afraid to jump this time.

51)   Lay out and look at the stars, maybe even learn to recognize a few of them

52)   Visit all 50 states

53)   Live at, or at least own a place, at the beach

54)   Read the entire Bible

55)   Attend an MLK Jr service in person

56)   Go to a drive-in movie theater

57)   Find my soul mate

58)   Learn (attempt) to surf

59)   Take a road trip on a whim

60)   Make some jewelry – actually sell or wear it

61)   See all the movies people make fun of me for having never seen (this could be its own bucket list!)

62)   Take an actuarial exam

63)   Go to the (new) Coke Museum

64)   Get 2000+ (LEGIT) Twitter followers

65)   Go to the Dekalb Farmers Market

66)   See penguins in their natural habitat

67)   Go to a Super Bowl

68)   Take Sanford to a beach to frolic in the sand & water

69)   Help others accomplish their bucket lists

70)   See the Packers play @ Lambeau Field (Yes, I’m from Green Bay & have never been)

71)   Take an improv comedy class(es)

72)   Kayak on the Chattahoochee (w/o getting E coli)

73)   Go to Johnny’s Hideaway

74)   Attend Gasparilla

75)   Do the CNN tour

76)   See the North Georgia Mountains in the fall

77)   Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

78)   Watch the sunset from a boat in the middle of nowhere

79)   Grow something (maybe not an entire garden, but SOMETHING) & eat it

80)   Pay for a stranger’s meal

81)   Attend an awards show (ESPYs, music awards, etc)

82)   Go to a rugby match

83)   Take a photo of everywhere I travel

84)   Write a book. Publish it.

85)   Learn to meditate. Do it often to help manage stress.

86)   Take a voice lesson (or a few, depending on how long it takes them to tell me I’m terrible!)

87)   Take a photo with Santa (seriously never done this!)

88)   Sleep on the beach overnight

89)   Attend an Easter sunrise service on top of Stone Mountain

90)   Be a part of a radio show

91)   Trace my family tree

92)   Visit Niagara Falls

93)   Design a dress. Attempt to sew it (and then have a professional complete it /redo it.)

94)   Get over my fear of horses – feed one, ride one, face their super scary teeth.

95)   Mentor someone; keep in touch with him/her

96)   Vacay in the Virgin Islands

97)   Bottle feed a baby animal

98)   Stomp grapes to make wine

99)   Establish and/or run a non-profit of some sort

100)   Forgive all who have wronged me

Loved crossing #8 off the list with the start of this blog and look forward to y’all following me on my journey as I mark these off one by one in the coming weeks, months, and years!